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Thank you for sharing the love!

It’s been a tough time for all of us.

But with thousands of Share the Treats nominations rolling in from across WA and the NT, you’ve thanked loads of local legends and everyday heroes in our community. 

Thanks for sharing your stories. Thanks for sharing the treats. 

Meet some of our local legends and everyday heroes

We received thousands of amazing nominations, but wanted to share a few special ones with you.

Katie and Kay

Katie nominated her mum Kay, a childcare worker who has been kept very busy looking after the children of essential workers. While she couldn't stay home, she's been doing what she can to support her local community.

Brian and Declan

Brian nominated his eight year old grandson Declan who spent his time at home writing letters to his neighbours. He asked if they needed any assistance whilst stuck at home and accepted only virtual hugs in return. On ANZAC Day, he dressed in his Cubs uniform and stood so proudly at the end of his driveway. A candle in hand to honour our ANZAC's and his great, great, grandfather who fought in WWI. He's a local legend on his street.

Terri and Stella

Terri nominated her 82 year old mum Stella. She just lost her little mate (her dog), who was keeping her from utter loneliness during COVID-19. She needed a treat to lift her spirits!

Teresa and Katie

Teresa nominated her daughter Katie who recently started her teaching degree. She had to continue her studies from home and take some time away from campus as a result of COVID-19. While spending more time at home, Katie and her husband decided to adopt a Labrador. There's something a little bit special about her dog Georgie, she's completely blind. A very lucky pup, with some big hearted parents.

Jon and Lisa

Jon nominated Lisa who was busy juggling working from home while babysitting two young kids. They just loved interrupting work meetings to ask for snacks.

Sarah and Michael

Sarah nominated her dad Michael who was there to help when her Great Dane got sick. Thankfully her pooch has recovered from major surgery is back to being her cheeky self.

Sharon and Michelle

Sharon nominated Michelle for generously offering to make surprise cakes for some lucky Bayswater/ Maylands residents. She did this to bring joy to others with no benefit to herself. She randomly chose four recipients and the results were fantastic! Big thanks to Michelle for your community spirit.

Catherine and Rossana

Catherine nominated Rossana who is a social justice officer at Sacred Heart College in Sorrento. She works tirelessly in the community sourcing items to help Red Cross and many other organisations who support those in need. She is a true example of a saint and always looking for ways to help others.

Glenys and Nikki

Glenys nominated her daughter Nikki, a teacher who has been doing her bit during lockdown. She was kept very busy devising lessons online and is one of our essential workers who deserves a high five for all her hard work. Nikki is also involved in a food run for the homeless, doing her extra little bit for the community.

Claire and Lexi

Claire nominated her seven year old daughter Lexi who missed birthday parties, her school friends and going to see nanna and poppy. She's also had to attend mummy school. This little girl has missed out on so much but has done it all with a smile on her face and no complaints. Lexi could teach us all a thing or two about resilience and the importance of a positive mindset. She deserves a big treat!

Sharing the treats with our local staff

Challenging times meant some changes to working life for our local Kleenheat staff.
That's why we made sure they could join the fun of Share the Treats by letting us know how they
were beating cabin fever while working from home or supporting their local community.
Here are a few of our favourite staff stories.
While working from home, our Test Support Analyst Alex struggled with a bit of Cabin Fever. His clingy dog Howie made sure he finished on time every day, to ensure he was getting all the attention he needed. As you can imagine, after a few weeks this was a little frustrating, but Howie’s cuteness always made up for it.
As you can see, Nina from the Regulatory team had a fair bit of Cabin Fever to deal with. After a quick trip to Coles, she came back to find that Harry’s big sister had obeyed his request to paint his face! Disclaimer: Nina’s husband was working upstairs - she didn’t leave her kids home alone.
Health and Safety Advisor, Lisa, participated in a local teddy bear hunt with her son. The numerous teddies hidden around the neighbourhood provided kids and adults with a fun activity, while also getting in some exercise. Big thanks to all the local legends out there who helped the teddy bears find their hiding spots.

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